audience, online presentations.

audience creates extra value inside presentations for marketing and sales.
Easy to manage, focused on delivering results, online.

audience, online presentations.

audience creates extra value inside presentations for marketing and sales.
Easy to manage, focused on delivering results, online.

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audience came as a pleasant surprise. A solid cost-efficient solution to manage our presentations and support the sales teams with a story that works.

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What can audience do for you?

audience will give an extra dimension to presentations and presenting, it is designed to be handled with ease. Within the outlines of a carefully crafted design solution you are free to shape content well directed on your audience’s interests. This online presentation platform keeps your slideshows up to date, appealing and accessible anywhere. For more information, check out our website.

  • Run interactive apps inside a presentation
  • Share your slides with colleagues, prospects
  • Impress your audience with dazzling graphics
  • Control content throughout your organisation
  • Optimise and analyse your presentations

Who uses audience?

target audience


Hand your team a tool that goes beyond showing slides. Calculators, simulators, interactive maps and video are now a part of your toolset.

Use audience to involve your team and share your success stories. An abundance of measuring tools lies right at your fingertips, so you and your team can track, evaluate and optimise your story, visuals.


Take your presentation with you, where ever you go, on iPad and laptop, your prospect's computer or at home.

No more worrying about the latest data, your information is always up to date, online or offline, across devices.

Present worry-free. audience puts your story in the spotlight, and enables you to impress your prospect. The application is easy to use, and lets you navigate to the content you want to show, without the hassle of right clicking or going through a bunch of other slides.

Effortlessly share your story with your prospects, remote or face to face. audience lets you track a shared presentation and monitor how it is being used by your prospect.


audience is a cloud-based presentation tool, extensively customisable to the exact demands of your marketing directives. The possibilities of audience are catered to a correct and convincing story, shaped towards your design, content and automation.

Technology experts

Enrol the audience environment in your company without having to worry about infrastructure, maintenance, data or interventions.

The audience application is maintained day to day by audience experts, working together with you to ensure maximum compatibility and compliance.

Sales managers.

Sales Representatives.


Technology experts.

An interactive presentation tool enabling you to optimize your presentations from a strong storyline to the finest technical details? It’s here, and its' name: audience. Online or in your private network, this state-of-the-art application combines all the elements you need to take the spotlight: visual appeal, efficient content management and universal ease-of-use through OS X, Windows, Android and iOS. The ideal tool for today’s and tomorrow’s digital media.

For more detailed information, visit the audience website.

For more detailed information, visit the audience website.

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audience is a cloud-based platform offered as a (SaaS) solution.

It's a simple formula: one monthly payment based on the number of users. More users means a lower price per user.

The setting is variable, based on your desires in customisation, automasation and the applications used.
Want to learn more? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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